Supreme Box Logo 背心竟然曾經出現!「全球鬼罕的程度」竟然還與 Lady Gaga 有關 ?!

眾所皆知,Supreme 每期所帶來的系列單品都有極大增值空間,其中如 BOGO 或人像 T 都可算是品牌粉絲們必搶的聖物。發跡紐約,至今走過多年的 Supreme 當然也被挖掘出許多未曾發表的單品,例如先前報導過的 Supreme x The North Face 未發售帳篷就是其一。

Supreme Box Logo Tank Top Year: Unreleased I don’t know what to say except for @crfted really came through this time so a big thank you to him for sending over the pictures of an item that just never pops up. The tank top that is pictured above was one of only two that were made for Terry Richardson’s photoshoot with Lady Gaga back in 2011. These are so exclusive and so limitedly printed in fact, that this isn’t even an item that friends and family would be able to get their hands on – so just let that sink in for a minute. Now, let’s knock it up a notch by mentioning that when these were printed and used for other photoshoots such as Vanessa Veasley or Tera Patric, they would cut, rip, mangle, and essentially do whatever they thought was needed to fit the look of the shoot. Getting one of these in perfect condition is nearly impossible, but luckily they opted to just use a box logo tee instead and decided not to include the tank top in the Lady Gaga photoshoot or else this post just wouldn’t be happening.

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但今番 IG 知名帳號更曝光了一款前所未見的 Supreme BOGO 背心,據悉該款背心在 2011 專為 Lady Gaga 所設計,當時全球僅有兩件,就可便知這鬼罕程度。但從最後結果看來,Lady Gaga 並未著用該款背心,而是穿上一般的 BOGO T-shirt。但如果你真的想入手這無法收購的背心,小編還是建議你不妨購入一件 BOGO T-shirt 自己改造吧!