UFC │ 被「俄羅斯拳王」揍得心服口服!時隔兩週,「愛爾蘭嘴砲哥」Conor McGregor 發表賽後感想!

還記得這個月初的《UFC 229》冠軍爭霸賽嗎?「愛爾蘭嘴砲哥」Conor McGregor 被「俄羅斯拳王」Khabib Nurmagomedov 一路痛打四合回最後更直接投降,而賽後的多人混戰,就連在場邊觀戰的 Drake 也驚呆了。d1a6e-15388929028503-800

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在沉寂了將近兩週,Conor McGregor 終於在個人 IG 帳戶上,發表了他對這場賽事的感想,並分析了每一回合的對戰心境,更表示在前兩回合的對戰其實是五五波的局勢,而最大的敗筆則是第四回合時,將自己的背部暴露,導致 Khabib 直接使用「後背位裸絞」逼得自己投降。

而最後,McGregor 也說到:「It was a great fight and it was my pleasure. 」( 這是一場偉大的戰鬥,這是我的榮幸。),可見嘴砲哥這回真的被揍得心服口服,但他也沒有因此消沉,已經整理好心情,準備面對下一場比賽的到來!

Thoughts on my last fight. Round 1. I believe from a sport standpoint, round 1 was his. Top position against the fence. Zero position advancement or damage inflicted. But top position. From a fight standpoint the first round is mine. Actual shots landed and a willingness to engage. Straight left early. Knee to the head on the low shot. Elbows in any and all tie up scenarios. Opponent just holding the legs against the fence for almost the entire round. Round 2 he is running away around the cage before being blessed with a right hand that changed the course of the round, and the fight. It was a nice shot. After the shot I bounced back up to engage instantly, but again he dipped under to disengage. That is the sport and it was a smart move that led to a dominant round, so no issue. Well played. If I stay switched on and give his stand up even a little more respect, that right hand never gets close and we are talking completely different now. I gave his upright fighting no respect in preparation. No specific stand up spars whatsoever. Attacking grapplers/wrestlers only. That won’t happen again. I also gave my attacking grappling no respect. To defense minded. Lessons. Listen to nobody but yourself on your skill set. You are the master of your own universe. I am the master of this. I must take my own advice. Round 3. After the worst round of my fighting career, I come back and win this round. Again walking forward, walking him down, and willing to engage. Round 4. My recovery was not where it could have been here. That is my fault. Although winning the early exchanges in 4, he dips under again and I end up in a bad position with over 3 on the clock. I work to regain position and end up upright, with my back to the fence. A stable position. Here however, I made a critical error of abandoning my over hook at this crucial time, exposing the back, and I end up beaten fair and square. What can I say? It was a great fight and it was my pleasure. I will be back with my confidence high. Fully prepared. If it is not the rematch right away, no problem. I will face the next in line. It’s all me always, anyway. See you soon my fighting fans I love you all ❤

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