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這次的別注款有洋蔥…. NOAH x Dover Street Market 聯手推出別注系列,據說是為呼籲鯊魚的保育 !?

NOAH x Dover Street Market
NOAH x Dover Street Market
NOAH x Dover Street Market


Supreme 前創意總監 Brendon Babenzien 所創立的紐約街頭品牌 NOAH ,稍早在其官方 Instagram 發佈了一則有關鯊魚的影片,並指出全球人類目前每年受到鯊魚襲擊的平均次數為 82次,其中有 次是致命的,但人類每年卻平均屠殺一億條鯊魚,如此懸殊的比例,讓 NOAH 為了讓大眾更加重視這樣的社會議題,決定和 DOVER STREET MARKET LONDON 聯手推出別注系列,並以鯊魚為主題,雙方聯手推出了 Hoodie 、短 及長袖條紋 T 等單品,而這樣的聯名企劃符合先前 NOAH 所強調的,每件衣服背後代表的價值和意義為何,目前該系列商品將於今天在Dover Street Market London和 DSML 線上商店限定販售,有興趣的朋友可不要錯過了!


DOVER STREET MARKET LONDON On the Noah Blog Most people couldn’t care less about sharks and would probably feel safer without them lurking in the sea. Currently, the 5-year, global average of shark attacks of humans is 82 per year, of which only 4 are fatal. By contrast, an estimated 100 million sharks are killed by humans annually. Of those, 73 million are estimated to be from the barbaric practice of finning, or brutally cutting the fin off a live shark and dumping its mutilated body back into the sea to avoid declaring the full animal at port and surpassing fishing quotas. – In keeping with the theme of causes we care about (and as a tribute to the center piece of our Dover Street space), we’ve focused on Sharks once again. It’s clear that sharks have much more to fear from us than we do from them.

Noah Clothing(@noahclothing)分享的貼文 於 張貼


Source / @ noahclothing /@ doverstreetmarketlondon

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